Wage N’ Rage Thrive Props of the Week


Wage N’ Rage Props of the Week 

If you’re anything like me, you're starting to realize your $100 ‘investment’ in an ESPN Fantasy league isn’t quite panning out how you thought. Whether your team got hit hard by the injury bug, or you have the GM skills of Bill O’Brian, fear not your personal financial advisor is here, ready to help recoup some lost funds. 

The name of the game is Thrive Fantasy. If you’re not familiar, let me catch you up to speed. Thrive Fantasy is a daily fantasy app with a unique twist. Instead of entering a contest and selecting a team while trying to stay under a salary cap, Thrive came up with something new. 

On Thrive when you enter a contest, you are asked to select a certain number of player proposition bets from a large pool of propositions. Each Over/Under is given a specific point value that is used to calculate your score. The more propositions you get correct, the higher your score, with the highest scores winning cash prizes. 

Now that we are familiar with Thrive, let's dive into my 10 favorite player props for the ‘$25 NFL Week 8 - $12500 Guaranteed’ contest.

  1. Patrick Mahomes Under 300.5 (Pass YDS) - 105 pts

This may shock some people that I’ve decided to play the under in this scenario against an absolutely dreadful Jets team, however the under can provide some real value in this spot. For one thing, Mahomes has only passed for over 300 yards three times this season, shocking right? The truth is this Kansas City team is so stacked they can beat you in a variety of ways, meaning they don’t always have to rely on the arm of Mahomes. The three games that Mahomes passed for over the 300 yard mark, were also the three most competitive games the Chiefs have played this season. With the spread set at -19.5 against the Jets, it’s safe to say that Kansas City should be on the winning side of a pretty lopsided victory. Leading me to favor the under in the matchup. 

  1. Josh Jacobs Over 0.5 (Rush TD’S) - 80 pts

Last week against Tampa, Jacobs definitely let the boys down after rushing for only 17 yards on 10 carries. However, this week Jacobs is poised for a huge bounce back, and I’ll tell you why. It is important to note that Tampa does have a particularly stout defense, especially against the run. Even still, after the game Jacobs called his play ‘embarrassing’ stating that “it was something where I kind of went and looked at film, I watched practice, I watched previous games. I was just trying to see where I could improve.” Facing a Browns team with a handful of injuries, the majority of which being on the defensive side,  I think that Jacobs comes out firing, with a chip on his shoulder and finds his way into the endzone at least once. 

  1. Jarvis Landry Over 0.5 (Rec TD) - 120 pts

With Odell Beckham Jr. out for the remainder of the year, Landry no doubt moves into the #1 receiving option for the Browns. Facing a defense that ranks 28th against the pass, allowing an average of 284 yards through the air per game, I like my odds at Baker being able to connect one down field to Landry for a touchdown. 

  1. Josh Allen Over 302.5 (Pass YDS + Rush YDS) - 105 pts

Even with Allen on a slight decline in play, he has still proven that he is a legit option at the quarterback position. A bad game for Allen is probably a pretty decent one for about half of the quarterbacks in the NFL, considering he didn’t pass for a single touchdown against the Jets, and was still able to put up 300+ yards in the air. If it’s not with the pass, Allen can beat you with his legs as he's shown he can be a very competent runner of the football. Given that the prop not only gives me his passing yards, but his rushing yards as well, I’m all over this bad boy at over 303. 

  1. Devonta Adams Over 6.5 (REC) - 85 pts 

Last time the Packers faced off against the Vikings, the Pack were able to light up a lackluster Minnesota secondary, scoring 43 points. In that contest Adams was able to slice up the Vikings defense with 14 receptions for two touchdowns, having an absolute field day. I predict much of the same to happen this week, with a Packers offense that has shown no sign of slowing down.

  1. Philip Rivers Under 22.5 (CMP) - 95 pts

As sad as it is, I think the wheels are starting to fall off old Philip Rivers. The quarterback is a shell of his former self and has only been able to pass the 23 completion mark twice this season. Even though the matchup is inviting, I’m gonna roll with the under and look to fade Rivers. 

  1. DeVante Parker Under 65.5 (Rec YDS) - 90 pts

In a matchup against the Rams, Parker will most likely face off with one of the best cornerbacks in the league in Jalen Ramsey. In matchups against top receivers Ramsey has played extremely well. In particular in a week 5 matchup with Washington's top receiver Terry McLaurin, Scary Terry was only able to muster a measly 26 yards receiving. With all of that being said, this is the perfect opportunity to ride with the under against a relatively unproven receiver. 

  1. Carson Wentz Over 255.5 (Pass YDS) - 105 pts

After quickly being crowned one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, Wentz has regressed slightly for the past few seasons. However, it is my belief that most of his regression can be chalked up to injuries , accompanied by poor receiver play. After coming back off a hot performance against a fairly decent Giants defense, I see Wentz imposing his will against a god awful Dallas team.  

  1. Joe Burrow Over 1.5 (Pass TD’s) - 75 pts

In a matchup against the Titans, the Bengals are going to have to be able to score often in order to hang on. Burrow has played impressively this year for a rookie with high expectations, and I think he continues to roll against a unimpressive Titans secondary.

  1. Ryan Tannehill Under 0.5 (INT) - 110 pts

Ryan Tannehill might be one of the most improved players over the last couple of seasons. After being let go in Miami and beating out Marcus Mariota in Tennessee, Tannehill has commanded a talented Titans offense. Most importantly, the dude does not turn the ball over! On the season Tannehill boasts a 15-2 touchdown to interception ratio, one of the best in the league. Against the Bengals I see the offense rolling with Derrick Henry on the ground, and Tannehill only needing to manage the game, leading to me siding with the under in this matchup. 

If you enjoyed reading this article give me a follow on Twitter @WageNRage. I post more propositions bets, along with predictions against the spread in almost every NFL game. This season my predictions have accumulated an NFL record of 33-24. Let’s win some money and enjoy some football this sunday!

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