IDP Waiver Wire Week 10


Chris Robin @DetroitBeastie

The self proclaimed theme of the week is trimming the fat! Tightening up your roster for a deep playoff push! 

Waivers have cleared! Did you get your guy? If not, have no fear! One of my favorite things to do is sneak around AFTER waivers have cleared and grab my guys! 

Another side plot here is missed opportunities. A few men mentioned below have been mentioned in weeks past. What are you waiting for? Go add these men!

Week 10 is upon us!

Romeo Okwara (DL - Detroit Lions)

The Lions don’t do much right. Their awful coaching aside Romeo has been a bright spot! Once considered a 2nd round prospect, Okwara has stood out! 5 sacks 11 QB hits in his last 6 games. His ownership is criminally under owned! With four plus match-ups ahead he’s a solid add!

Trey Hendrickson (LB - New Orleans Saints)

All the IDP waiver articles I’ve read leading up to mine have said what a disruptive force he’s been recently. In week 9 alone he had 2 solo tackles 1 assisted 2 sacks 2 TFL and 2 QB hits! He’s had 1 sack in 4 of his last 5 games for 7.5 total this season. Trey has made his point. He is now in heavy rotation on the D-line. In week 9 supposed stud DL Cameron Jordan put up a big fat 0.0 while Trey was good for 30+ in certain scoring formats. Add Trey now thank me later!

Malik Reed (LB/DL - Denver Broncos

Reed has taken advantage of all the attention and coverage teams place on Bradley Chubb. Malik has 14 tackles and 9 QB hits in his last 4! Malik is 24 years old and really enjoying the recent bump in playing time. He’s a fantastic add for any IDP playoff hopeful!

Carlos Dunlap (DE - Seattle Seahawks)

Is this name ringing any bells? He should be! A universally owned DE stud while in CIN all those years. Now, Carlos has made Seattle his home. He played in 68% of the defensive snaps his first game for SEA stuffing the stat sheet! 3 solo tackles 2 assisted 1 sack 3 TFL and 2 QB hits! WOW! Dunlap has tallied 7.5 or more sacks his last 7 seasons! Meanwhile, his was universally dropped! Go check your player pool now! 

Rodney McLeod (S - Philadelphia Eagles)

Rodney has been flirting with top 20 DB numbers all season. Since week 4 he’s actually been DB10. He’s currently S11 in fantasy points with the upside of a DB1. As the Eagles climb out of the basement and start to press for the NFC East the opportunities will come. Safety is a very deep position this season but if you’re able to start two I’d give Rodney a look! Safe tackle floor mixed with massive upside!

Jerry Tillery (DT - Los Angeles Chargers)

All IDP leagues are different. That’s both a blessing and a curse. In your standard scoring IDP leagues DT’s and DE’s are all lumped into the DL positions. If you play in a positional specific type IDP league with clear cut DT and DE positions I’d highly consider adding Jerry. In week 9 he had 1 solo tackle 1 sack 1 pass defended 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery. He’s up to 3 sacks on the season which is good for 8th for a DT. The Chargers are going to rotate this kid in at a good clip!  

Jonathan Abram (S - Las Vegas Raiders)

Abram was talked about highly all off season. He really hasn’t lived up to all the hype if you ask me. Instead of being a DB1 he’s been playing like a DB3. Which is fine. It throws others of his scent. He’s started to wake up and string some good game together. In week 9 he produced 6 solo tackles 4 assisted and 1 pass defended. I firmly believe he’s woken up. More DB1 type weeks ahead!

Eric Wilson (LB - Minnesota Vikings)

Eric has seen a huge bump in ownership and his overall LB ranking. Shooting up to LB12 after an awesome week 9! 8 solo tackles 5 assisted .5 sacks 1 QB hit 1 INT and one pass defended. At this point in the season it’s always a good idea to stack up higher upside depth. Wilson has several games in the coming weeks that should be very fruitful for his production! 

Kamren Curl (S - Washington Football Team)

Wow! Kamren was fantastic in week 9! What an impact this kid made! 6 solo tackles 5 assisted 1 sack 1 TFL and 2 QB hits. In week 8 he played 70% of the defensive snaps and played 100% of the snaps in week 9! Washington lost Landon Collins for the season and all he brings at the safety position. They’ve been looking for that impact player in the secondary. Safe to say they found one in Curl? 

Honorable mentions! 

Myles Jack (LB - Jacksonville Jaguars) and Bobby Okereke (LB - Indianapolis Colts)

Thanks for reading! I look forward to providing more fantastic IDP waiver wire adds each week moving forward!

Any questions or comments?

Did we miss something? Let’s talk about it!

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