Cleaning up the Junk on your Dynasty Roster

Okay, so there are a few things in Alabama other than the greatest College Football team in the nation ( Roll Tide haters ). There are also some massive pine cones. So you what had happened was...I was cutting my grass when a pine cone got lodged between my belts and before I knew it my lawnmower base was literally on fire. So what did that teach me you ask? It actually taught me to clear the unnecessary debris that cause fires when you least expect it. Where am I going with the story well stay tuned and find out. 

 So with all that being said it brings me to my first point of this weeks Dynasty topic: 

Getting rid of the unnecessary debris on your lineup. Yes we all have those old fossils on our team who we are hoping and praying that will come back to life and help us on a weekly basis. Let’s face it, we just rapped up week 8 and if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s probably not going to. 

Let me give you a few examples:

Let’s say you have TY Hilton on your team and you see a few young players that haven’t done much yet on the waiver wire (Ie. Kendrick Bourne, Jakobi Meyers, or even Andy Isabella) it’s time to make the change. Start clearing that debris now! 

  My next topic of the week is why I LOVE Dynasty Leagues. Start looking deep into your players and see who is running out of time on their current contracts. Start looking past big names and start thinking about what could happen when their time is up with their current team. Let’s look at David Johnson for example. He’s been decent at best this year but not the player you hope for when you have someone of his caliber name. Will Houston resign him or will be let go? Where will he land? Will he fall into a committee roll with another team. We have to always been willing to make the proper moves to keep our Dynasty hopes alive. 

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