Becoming a First-Time Dynasty Manager in a Pandemic

There is much contention as to what is appropriate in the new normal of 2020. COVID19 affects everybody whether they like it or not. From standard practices like social distancing or wearing a face covering, to losing a job or working from home, 2020 has brought a lot of changes no one wanted. Everyone finds a way to deal with the increased stress, and mine was discovering dynasty fantasy football.

In May, yearning for fantasy football, I decided to pay $35 and join my first ever dynasty league. I joined a SafeLeagues Basic Superflex (SF). With 12 owners each with 10 Starters, 28 Roster spots, and 12 hours on the clock per pick, it was a fantasy draft unlike any I have ever done. Checking my Dynasty Startup draft became the highlight of my day early on. I loved the feature where MyFantasyLeagues email owners league notifications. I changed the alert on my phone, so I would know when someone made a move.

I was fortunate enough to continue working, but as soon as I finished work, I would escape to my man cave and get caught up on the latest picks, trades, and trade offers. Fantasy Football is not new to me. I have been commissioner of my home league since 2004, but I loved the dynasty startup because there were so many new angles to consider.  

This was my first time playing in a Superflex league that actually emphasized the QB position. The league scoring system also heavily punished interceptions with negative 4 points reinforcing the importance of having excellent QBs. Patrick Mahomes went 1.01 and Lamar Jackson 1.04. With 28 roster spots, many backup quarterbacks were drafted and rostered. 

Right away, I knew going into the draft that I wanted to draft younger players. I didn’t mind even punting the first year or so to build a perennial contender. I was randomly assigned the 12th draft position where Dalvin Cook fell after four QBs were taken in the first round. I was further thrilled to be able to move back 9 spots in the second round from 2.01 to 2.10 in exchange for a 2021 first-round pick.

With Edwards-Helaire and Jonathan Taylor going back to back in the middle of the 2nd round, I missed out on them, but it looks like my 2021 1st is going to be a top 3, so it seems the trade panned out for me. With my 2.10 selection, I took George Kittle, the consensus number one dynasty TE. In hindsight, I should have taken Miles Sanders or Josh Allen. However, this draft was done in May, so players were valued quite differently at the time. Miles Sanders was trending up but had not yet reached his 1st round ADP.

I traded back again from my 3.12 spot in exchange for 6.10, 7.09, and a 2021 2nd. With the 4.01 pick, I was able to draft Tua Tagovailoa, hopefully, my QB of the future. The most fascinating aspect of this league was assessing the value of rookies against that of more known commodities. In the dynasty format, I have Tua for the long haul. There is a good chance Tua is a terrific value at 4.01 of a dynasty Superflex, yet later in that round, Aaron Jones, Amari Cooper, and Calvin Ridley were taken. 

The price of rookies, in general, was high. I was using several tools, Twitter polls, safe leagues ADP, fantasy pros rankings, and calling my buddy from my home league to discuss strategy. One player everyone missed on was DK Metcalf. He was taking at the beginning of the 5th round. In my opinion, he should have been the first WR off the board. 

From picks 5.12 (60th overall) to 8.01 (85th overall) I owned 6 picks. This was going to be the meat of my team. Because I had traded back twice, I had only drafted 3 players to that point, and one of those players, Tua, wasn’t even a starter. I had Dalvin Cook, George Kittle, and Tua Tagovailoa. Still, I was happy with the position I was in and felt like things were going according to my plan of building for the long haul. 

With my six mid-round picks, I drafted David Montgomery, Justin Jefferson, Deebo Samuel, James Conner, Drew Lock, and Michael Gallup. I had my eye on Justin Herbert, Chase Claypool, and Terry McLaurin in this range, but they got sniped. This team core has really carried me so far this season. I am currently 4-3 with two really tough close losses where I had good scores.  I’m 4th in the Power Rankings with an All-Play record of 41-36. 

Drafting Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr in the 12th and 13th rounds gave me some viable QB options while I wait for Tua to come online. I also snagged Robby Anderson in the 16th round and he has been my WR1. This draft was so much fun. It took place over several weeks in the middle of the COVID shutdown.

Halfway through the season, my first dynasty league has been an absolute success. Most of my players are in their early twenties, I am competitive this year, yet the future looks even brighter. Tua was just named the starter in Miami, I have the #1 dynasty TE, one of the best young running backs Dalvin Cook, and I own two 1sts and two 2nds in 2021. The owner I traded with to get the future picks drafted Saquon 1.03, and his team really fell apart. Those picks will be top three, maybe even number one.

Many fantasy owners play multiple leagues but have that one that matters most. For years, my favorite league has been my home league. In these home leagues, bragging rights matter way more than the $15 entry fee. But, this year, my top league has been my dynasty startup. 

In a year where everyone has struggled to find a new normal, playing dynasty fantasy football has been the best part of 2020.

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