A Guide to 2021 NFL Free Agent QBs: Dream Landing Spots for Fantasy Football

Every off-season, we play fantasy matchmaker with pending NFL free agents. 2021 is no different. With one of the richest and deepest (potential) free agent classes in recent memory, it’s obvious that there will be seismic shifts in the fantasy football landscape, depending on who signs where. This series of articles dives into my dream landing spots for the marquee NFL Free Agents of 2021. The landing spots I have identified are what I believe to be max upside for fantasy football value, it does not mean that it is the most realistic fit, but the best for our fantasy teams in 2021.

Like most years, the quarterback pool is thin on talent and high on demand, meaning someone is going to get overpaid. This projection is working off the current reality where Dak Prescott is not a Dallas Cowboy, which is highly unlikely to actually happen.

Dak Prescott, Denver Broncos

With the Denver Broncos reportedly on the hunt for a top shelf QB to supplant former 2nd round pick Drew Lock, this one makes almost too much sense for fantasy purposes. Let’s check the weapons that would be at Dak Prescott’s disposal, if he were to sign with Denver:

WR Jerry Jeudy

WR Courtland Sutton

WR KJ Hamler

TE Noah Fant

RB Melvin Gordon

If those weapons don’t get you excited with Dak Prescott at the helm, then nothing will. If Dak were to sign with Denver, he would firmly sit in my Top-5 for dynasty and redraft QBs in 2021.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers (I’m kidding)—Washington Football Team

Say what you will about Cam Newton, but he’s a better fantasy QB than most—when healthy. With reports that Cam was negatively impacted post-COVID, I believe he can be a bounce back value in both redraft and dynasty leagues. Pairing Cam with his former HC Ron Rivera lends credence to this fit and Cam’s comfortability within an offensive system. That being said, I still would not be too excited about Cam with WFT. I would be extremely bearish on Terry McLaurin’s fantasy value with Cam. I think Logan Thomas would stand to benefit the most from this pairing, as Cam has been known to pepper his Tight Ends with targets.

The biggest takeaway from this fit? Bad news for Antonio Gibson. Cam has the most rushing TDs for a QB in NFL history. I would fully expect Cam to vulture goal-line TDs away from Antonio Gibson, dampening one of the most exciting young RBs in the NFL and for fantasy football.

Jamesis Winston, New Orleans Saints

Mr. 30 for 30 himself. This projection is based on New Orleans supposed interest in giving Winston a chance to start in 2021 (although Drew Brees has not technically retired yet). I cannot think of a better fantasy fit for Winston than pairing him with Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara, who would be PPR monsters with Winston at the helm.

Winston and his willingness to air the ball out would immediately raise the ceiling of this offense for fantasy purposes, but Sean Payton will probably get cute with Taysom Hill again.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chicago Bears

Honestly, Fitzpatrick is a complete wild card, in terms of landing spot. All I know for sure is that Fitzpatrick is one of my favorite QBs to watch and he has a heart of gold.

I think the Bears will struggle to trade for a QB and are likely to draft one to develop. In steps Mr. Bridge QB, Ryan Fitzmagic. If the Bears were to somehow retain Allen Robinson, then Fitzmagic becomes a Top-12 option at the position for fantasy. Either way, this would be great news for your Darnell Mooney stock (like dogecoin, to the moooon).

Mitchell Trubisky, Houston Texans

Speaking of Bears QBs, where in the world is Trubisky going to land? It would be fitting in the theme of the Greek tragedy that is the Houston Texans organization right now for them to ship out the very QB that they traded up to get in 2017, only to replace him with the QB selected 2nd overall in 2017, Mitchell Trubisky.

This is a really “yucky” spot for Mitch. I know this article is about dream fits for fantasy, but I honestly don’t see where Trubisky could go that would be him an extremely viable fantasy option. With the Texans, I think Trubisky remains the highly volatile QB2 for fantasy that he has always been to this point in his career.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Next up in the series is Free Agent Running Backs. Stay tuned as I go through each fantasy-relevant position. We'll see how many of these matches come true!

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