2021 Draft Profiles: DeVonta Smith

He won the Heisman this season. There you go. There’s your profile.

But seriously, Smith put up an outstanding senior season consisting of 117 receptions, 1,856

yards, and 23 (!) TDs. The crazy thing is that he didn’t come out of nowhere like some people

think. His junior year at Alabama, he was over shadowed by then-teammates, now-NFL players Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III. Even with that competition, Smith was still able to tally 68 receptions for 1,256 yards, and 14 TDs. Smith is going to be 22 at the start of his NFL career after tallying four seasons at Alabama.

What does Smith do well?

Well…a lot of stuff. He has great field awareness, solid route running, and good speed. He can line up a lot of different places on the field from the slot to out wide and that versatility will result in his getting field time. His hands are smooth as butter, and even though he isn’t an imposing force at 6 ft.1, 175 lbs, he is able to get consistent release from the line and out into space where he is the most dangerous.

What needs to be improved?

If his future NFL team can help him bulk up to be even a little bit more physical, it is going to

help him in the long run. Speaking of long run, he doesn’t have break away speed that will allow him to burn NFL DBs, so he needs to make-up for that somewhere. He is shifty in the field so if they can work on helping him excel at his cuts, his lack of burner speed won’t be as apparent if he can get away from tackles by either being more physical and break the tackles or if he can get some missed tackles by working on his elusiveness.

How does he project?

He is going to be a solid addition to most NFL teams with just all that he can do. Sure, he is

going to be overhyped because of his Heisman championship, but he also earned that award

this season. Is he absolutely going to be the WR1 though? Not necessarily because I don’t think the gap between he and the rest of this WR class is that big. He is going to be a solid draft choice, should be in the top-5 of rookie drafts and is going to have a role cut out for him early almost no matter where he ends up.

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