Meet the Clinic!

The staff

Jack Caporuscio, Co-Founder

"I found my inspiration for fantasy football in 2012 by playing in a home fantasy league with my group of closest friends and fellow Clinic Co-Founder, Antonio Annoni. I was inspired to start the Fantasy Football Clinic after seeing people get bad advice from online experts. I knew that we could do better and most importantly, remind people to have fun playing fantasy football! Thank you for your continued support in our journey to 'Fix Your Fantasy!'" 

Justin Pietrodarchi, Staff Writer

Justin Pietrodarchi, a diehard fantasy football enthusiast who’s been playing for the better part of a decade. Football, gaming and writing are my passion. I’ve been writing professionally for a few years now, but only recently turned my focus to fantasy football, where I will be sharing my opinions and weekly rankings with you all.You can follow him on Twitter @JPnightmare

Todd Riley, Staff Writer

Todd is married with 2 kids, a current IT Professional, has been involved with fantasy football for 20 years, employed in the football analytics community for 2 years and appreciates analytics and film. 

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